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„I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better“. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Our corporate concept defines our house as a modern, open to the world, value-oriented commercial enterprise assuming full social responsibility. Three aspects are vital: ecological sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability.

Being the first and only sustainable event venue in Schleswig-Holstein, the MuK is committed to a conscious and gentle use of natural resources. Sustainable management is an issue close to our hearts and one that not only shapes daily procedures, but also influences future-oriented decisions.

Certifications - sustainable success

 MuK is being involved in:


Green Globe – provides certification for sustainable operations as well as management of travel and tourism companies and their related businesses based on internationally accepted criteria.

Green Globe operates under a worldwide license in more than 83 countries. The MuK was certified for the fourth time in 2015. One speciality of our concept of sustainability are our bee colonies living on the roof, providing an ideal venue and production facility for our popular MuK-honey. During 2015, more energy efficient systems were refitted and a digital signage system was installed. This enabled the MuK to proudly achieve a guideline adherence of 96 percent, having increased this result by 4 percent. The MuK is one of the most successfully recertified venues in Germany.

Interview with Mrs Jarabek about Green Globe during the EVVC-Congress in Salzburg.

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files/Ueber_uns/Oekologik/Logo_fairpflichtet_Positiv_Claim_RGB_300dpi.jpgfairpflichtet – the sustainability code applicable to the German event industry.

 The MuK is a member of „fairpflichtet“ that offers guidelines and value orientation through the principles of sustainable development and responsible care and supports the conduct of sustainability of event organisations. The association of the German Convention Bureau e.V. (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) initiated the code. Fairpflichtet is supported by the members of both associations and continually updated and improved.


files/Ueber_uns/Oekologik/oekoprofit.gifÖKOPROFIT – a project of cooperation between municipalities and local companies aimed at reducing operating costs through efficient and conscious use of natural resources.

ÖKOPROFIT aims at setting up local networks. The MuK received this award again in 2015, which constituted an impressive recognition of our efforts to strengthen sustainability management and was both acknowledged by and motivation for our employees. We are proud to announce an 85 percent reduction of CO2 emissions and enormous energy and cost savings over the last six years.


files/Ueber_uns/Oekologik/Klima pro Luebeck.gifKlima Pro Lübeck – a project of cooperation between companies and institutions in Lübeck aimed at promoting climate protection and raising awareness for Lübeck as a climate friendly location.

The MuK is a member of Klima Pro Lübeck and, together with its partners, implements climate related projects. We are continually strengthening our commitment in this organisation. During an in-house ceremony in March 2014, the first Climate Prize was awarded under the patronage of Mr Robert Habeck, Minister of the Environment in Schleswig-Holstein. Further, the first Green Concert took place in the MuK.




ServiceQualität Deutschland – the MuK paricipates in the German wide training and certification program called Qualität Deutschland in Schleswig-Holstein.

This program aims at raising service quality, supports employee qualification, and cooperates with training and development associations in Schleswig-Holstein. The MuK was the first Institution in Lübeck and second company in Schleswig-Holstein to reach level 2 of this quality offensive.

Together we will grow with tasks ahead of us

The MuK is focusing on expanding Green Meetings and Green Concerts.

The 9th Network21Congress took place in the MuK in November 2015 and is the central platform for experience exchange, further training, and networking of local sustainability initiatives in Germany. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety initiated this congress, during which the German regional sustainability prize, “Zeitzeichen”, was awarded.

The 3rd “eMobilitätstag” (Electric Mobility Day), organised by the IHK zu Lübeck (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Klima Pro Lübeck, and the MuK took place, during which Dr. Robert Habeck, Minister of the Environment of Schleswig-Holsten awarded the Lübeck Climate Prize meeting a high degree of acceptance and public interest.
Hosting the Regional Conference – Implementing the Energy Turnaround in the Metropolitan Area of Hamburg and the 3rd Regional Conference – Climate Adaptation in Coastal Regions of the federal government and north German coastal regions: the MuK firmly established itself as one of the leading and most competent event venues in the region.